Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Bloody Obvious!

Dear Beautiful readers,
Thank God it's still an off day.

Like the other normal people, I enjoy my weekends, although it might not be full of "happening" activities, but at least...this is the only time for me to rejuvenate.

No more raya gathering, weddings, open houses.

And I have decided to pay a "visit" to the mall, just to kill my time..
Today, i am 31 years and 1 mth old. And I have decided to "celebrate" it. Bought the cupcakes @ Cupcake Chic

And the guy who man the counter started the conversation with me..
The Guy: Sorang je bang. Shopping?
Me: Hmm (dalam hati aku, can't u see that i am ALONE?). No laa...takde shopping, just killing time.
The Guy: The cupcakes...for birthday?
Me: Yeah..
The Guy: Nak lilin tak?
Me: It's OK (it'll be charged anyway, i guess..)
The Guy: Ok. Hmm..penah try cupcake chic sebelum nih ke?
Me: Yeah...Damansara
The Guy: The Curve?
Me:Ha'ah (Banyak pulak budak nih tanya...but takpe laa, tak salah pun kan)
The Guy: Ok bang..Here's the change
Me: Thanks

I don't mind though if he struck the conversation with me. There's nothing wrong.
Probably I wasn't really in the mood to be that "friendly" after seeing a number of "lovely" kaum kerabats in Tangs with the other half. Makan hati and started comparing...

Sad huh?
Ah..nevermind. As stated by Templar in the Rules of Love, you shouldn't be down if you're not chosen by particular someone because of look itself, and look itself is very subjective and you should be proud of yourself.
Complicated eh?
Other than that, I bought a pajama pants at cheap price. (lama dah tak pakai pajama pants...) and later followed by dinner (skrang nih aku suka dinner awal, kul 7 dah dinner...senang skit kan?)

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AiLing said...

I tersesat jalan ni, so tumpang lalu k. Happy belated birthday to whoever u r !!