Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tengok Wayang..

Dear Beautiful readers,
It's been ages since my last visit to cinema, where I watched "He's not that into you" with Fen @ Pavi.
Fen invited me to join him again for another movie nite again (I should have gone to the open house of ARAB's friend but couldn't make it).

So Fen decided that we watched Papadom that night (it's on Friday nite i.e. last nite, at this point of writing) so I bought the ticket from home. And to my surprise, he bought another ticket for another film - 500 days of Summer (I was the one who recommended to him instead of us watching Papadom!)

In a way, it's sort of like we were having a movie marathon last nite..which ended up at 2 a.m.
Cut this short, here are my reviews:


Not bad for a Malay movie. Nowadays, Malay movie is different, very open and brings wonderful messages to audiences indeed. Personally, I think this movie should be shown during Father's day especially. (but everyday should be a father/mother's day kan?)
Part2 akhir tuh, aku teringat gak kat Abah aku. Isks! :-(

Out of 5 stars, I think I'll give 3.8 stars to this movie.


A cute couple (a couple? haha) i.e. a cute combination, both the leading actor and actress (I couldn't really recall their name, but the actor was in the series, 3rd Rock from The Sun, yeah..that cute guy!). The message? Well...put less expectation, as good things might come to u later (although a lil' bit too late? Hmm...I wonder!)

Unexpected, cool ending too...
Ermm..out of 5 stars, I think this movie deserves a 4.3 stars!

P/S: What's next? Keje banyak nak kena buat nih...


safina said...

pun teringin nk tengok papadom, tengok lah nanti !

DarcyDiaries said...

heheh..kena tgk!