Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hoodie untuk Herry

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yeah..yeah, i know, it's been a while since I have posted my last posting.I didn't feel like writing though, although got few things to be updated. Nevermind's outdated anyway!

For the past few days, activities were mainly related to work (and open houses and raya gatherings, of course!)

Been to my two new fellow countrymen houses' for open house etc etc. Accompanied ARAB to the cosy place I have ever since (pricey too I guess!)

At this point of writing, I have had my breakfast and lunch, stopped here and there, accompanied ARAB to an interesting songket entreprenuer, exploring new things etc.

Later that, after sending ARAB to his home, I shot off to KLCC to claim a complimentary sample of D&G at ISETAN, but based on my previous experiences those people who man the counter are not as friendly as compared to those of Parkson. They said there were no more samples but based on his look, it looked like he has put some kind of judgement on me (as if I couldn't afford to buy one..hahah!).Probably because i didn't really dress up i.e. aku pakai sempoi je since went out with ARAB for breakfast etc.

People in Malaysia generally like to judge based on outer attributes. Whatever..
The title? Arghh...It's a hoodie for Herry. Yes. he's been asking for that since I was in my hometown.

So I checked out for that at TOPMAN and managed to get one (and two cheap baseball tshirts for me!).
P/S; Who's Herry? Hahaha..

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