Sunday, April 26, 2009

He's Just not That into You! - Part 3

Dear Beautiful readers,

Do you have ever experience these kind of moments such as..

a) You text-ed someone but he/she couldn't ever bother to reply (or if he/she do reply, it's just a mere YES/NO/OK?)

b) You are waiting for some response from a person that you have met / or longing to hear from him or her but all you got were nothing / (or some cold responses?)

c) You were shocked / surprised with some "too good to be true" responses from a person / (persons) who rarely being nice to you?

Well...I can say that...he's (or she's) not that into YOU!

So just moved on...

P/S: I really treasured some wonderful moments especially if people who really understands me. Thanks peeps!

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