Sunday, April 26, 2009

He's Just not That into You! - Part 2

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Z text-ed me in the morning..

Z: Jom ke Pavi petang nih!
Me: Sure, why not?

I know that if Z asked me out, then we'll be doing something interesting? Another round of therapy I guess?
Heheheheh...evil knivel! ;-)

Met Z at Pavi around 3ish. He's wearing that new pair of shoes. Hahah...suited him well, and well coordinated definitely.And we nearly splurged ourselves with the "things"...hahah, thank God I was sane enough to think that I can get something better (although I can't wait for that new "thing" and splurged myself with something that mum asked me to buy for Abah! P/S: I'll buy u "that thing", InsyaAllah..)

ER joined us for dinner and we had our "din-din" at Madam Kwan's. And later that nite, finally I managed to go for the movie and watched "He's not that into you"!

And it's sooOOooo bloody true (now u know eh?). And the film does make sense..and of course, I would like to recommend this to whoever keep questioning their relationship etc etc. Does it work? Does it not work? Whatever...
I definitely love this movie and don't mind watching it again!

Bought a couple of shirts from Zara and some books..

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