Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beli Beli..

Dear Beautiful readers,
I was supposed to go to the office today (got something to be settled, but actually I can do this on Monday though..) but unfortunately I forgot to bring my pass and there's no point of me driving back home just for the sake of taking that bloody pass!
Instead, i continued my "journey" and had a hair cut which has been postponed for the past 2 weeks. Now i feel a bit "clean"...hahah
And as expected, the day won't be complete without a lil' bit of shopping therapy. U know me.. ;-)

The monthly "bibles"...

Best Buy HUGO BOSS - RM 250 for 150 ml, with two 200 ml Shower Gel, what a deal! TWO!!

50% less of this pair of shoes original price, cheap!

30% less for each shirt..worth buying!

And last but not least, "sweet treats" from The Loaf

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