Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Dear Beautiful readers,'s a very hectic day today since morning. I have expected this since last weekend.

Attended a refresher course on business writing in the early part of the morning and one of the slot was playing the TABOO game! This was my first time and I guess, my performance wasn't that bad! Should have added this game to my board games collection!

Alhamdulillah, managed to clear some of the outstanding workload for today. The big boss has not arranged the session with me to explain and update on my "progress". Probably he'll let me know a.s.a.p and I really hope that it will be materialised..

Oh, later in the evening, me and the "team" (SF, Zura & Shid) had the iftar at one of the fusion restaurants here with Abang Lan & Wati, together with Reen, Epol & Azam. We had finalised some of the pending things for the coming events and I guess it's almost "finalised", but we still have to face all the protocols etc. I hope that this will go smoothly.

It's my BIRTHDAY eve and yes, Wati was the first one to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It was fun, but deep in my heart, I don't really feel the oompph this time! Come on, it's my 30th...I should feel something different, rite guys?

Well...well...well, I hope that, starting tomorrow, I'll face the day with pride and more courage, boost with confidence (but not boasting) and always ready to face the challenge, as I have already entered the "different" age group..

We'll it goes tomorrow!

P/S: 30 is just a number!


addyaholix said...

happy birthday dude !

adie-ishmael said...

Eid Milad Saeed...!!! Magandang Kaarawan...!!! Selamat Hari Jadi...!!! Happy Birthday...!!! Shen Re Kuai Le...!!! Selamat Lemai...!!!