Thursday, September 25, 2008

Buka Puasa @ Work (2nd Time)

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Bored huh? Aku takde idea, but I feel like writing..

Another buka puasa day @ work. Before cuti raya nih...banyak benda kena settle. I went to see the big boss this morning and took the opportunity to ask on my latest status of transfer to the HQ. He said that it'll be materialised, and it's just matter of time. But being in this Company, then he said that even if I already received the transfer letter, the "event" might be prolonged, or even worse...will not materialize at all!

And again, it's not really a major problem as I go with the flow and play the "game". But there is another issue on my fellow colleague (not really in my department but in another department). I was quite surprised with what he had done to me and other fellow close wonder laa takut2 tadi time nampak aku!

Siot betul...

Esok ada program with Anak2 Yatim / Underprivileged kids at my workplace sempena Raya celebration.
Another hectic day laa kut...but most of friends /colleagues dah balik ke kampung halaman masing2..

P/S: Tak rasa cam nak raya..

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