Friday, September 5, 2008

Keep on Dreaming..

Dear beautiful readers,

Funny things happened to me this morning. I mean...not in the "real world", but in my dream!
That's the outcome! Instead of waiting for Subuh, I slept right after sahur and woke up an hour and a half later.Two dreams within the period, as follows:

Scene 1:
"Me and SF, well dressed in bespoke suits, off from the train (couldn't recall whether it's a train, tube or subway).We walked very fast, and they are quite a number of other commuters, walking at fast pace, like rushing for something. And all of sudden, we were running and I saw some familiar faces, especially my seniors back during my university days!
At the end of the road, we saw 2 British (or might be American) teenage girls, crying...full of regrets! I can hear that they were saying "I am not going to do this anymore!"....something to do with pregnancy?"

Scene 2:
"Me and ER, the setting? Ermm..i think it's like we're in Damansara Uptown or any other places which sell fake designer goods (Petaling Street? I don't think so!) All of a sudden, ER pulled me by holding my hands and we have to run as quick as we can. And guess what? He only wanted to show a pair of very nice Keds sneakers on sale that he's interested on buying!..."

P/S: Why did i dream on this? Well...there must be some reasons. Or it's just a normal mainan tidur..

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