Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shopping Raya (Part 1?)

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I went to Pekan Rabu today with Anep, Shid & Rose, thinking of looking for the Baju Melayu for dad and myself.
Here are the things that I have bought:

1) For me (why 2 pairs? errmm..surprise!)

2) Two pair of cute capals for my two handsome nephews..
3) A pair of green baju melayu for Ayahanda (aka Daddy) ;-)

Meanwhile, I saw this one interesting shop in the building called "Agensi Pencari Jodoh" (Matchmaking Agency) . I wonder whether it works...Hehehehehe

P/S: Will there be any more shopping trips? We'll see!


adie-ishmael said...

capal size 9 ada tak? brapa rm? y baju melayu 2 pasang? knapa ada org yg terlalu desperado sampai nak pi ke agensi cari jodoh tu??? agak2 pompuan kot yg slalu pi ke agensi macam tu...

DarcyDiaries said...

Capal size 9 ada laa bang ;-)
Baju Melayu 2 pasang? rahsia....syyyy!