Monday, September 22, 2008

Outstanding Posts

Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku dah lama tak update my blog. Lazy? No ideas? No time?

Let me summarize all the past activities as per below:

1) Thursday, 18th September 2008
I attended the feedback session in regards to my previous assessment session, which happened on Wednesday, 17th September 2008. I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome.

I wasn't sure whether it's the true me or not.

Initially the assessor gave good remarks on me and all of sudden, dush!! Aku rasa cam the summary wasn't that fair! But anyway, pikir punya pikir...aku rasa, there's a blessing in disguise.

Aku terima point of being in argument with her (rugi air liur je bulan2 Ramadhan nih!)

Petang tuh, aku rush ke KLIA. I'm catching flight to KB, balik kampung and jumpa parents & family members,bukak puasa etc. Lagipun aku jarang balik, in a year I think I can count on how many times I've been with them especially with mum & dad. Biasa laa nature keje aku...(alasan!)

As usual, mum will cook something special. Petang tuh kami bukak puasa ngan nasi beriyani ayam. Macam biasa, umah aku riuh ngan anak2 buah aku laa

2) Friday, 19th September 2008
Aku cuti lagi today. Thank God that i didn't "receive" any "calls" from work.
Bukannya apa, normally kadang2 tuh..cuti macam tak cuti, tuh yang tak best.

I know that there are lots of work waiting for me at work, but for the time being, I just want to chill at home! Heheh

Actually, I was craving for Nasi Dagang and I went to the Bazaar Ramadhan near the Stadium.

Surprise, surprise! No one sell Nasi Dagang there! So ended up beli Ayam Percik & Daging bakar from the famous Yati Ayam Percik. (Sorry takde gambar, aku pening nak snap photos time2 org ramai...)

3) Saturday, 20th September 2008
Shopping day with mum.

Aku bawak bonda pi beli barang2. Well..mcm nih laa keja aku everytime kalau balik kampung, especially time2 raya nih. Tak kisah pun, bonda sapa...bonda aku gak kan?

Petang tuh finally managed to get nasi dagang, went to this another bazaar ramadhan in the town with my younger brother.Kenyang seh!

4) Sunday, 21st September 2008
Time to go back to my workplace. Bosan betul.
Petang tuh aku gi bukak puasa umah Nas & Dilla, siap kena jadik imam isyak & terawih kat umah depa.

Me and the normal crowd, after the prayers, we ended up main Taboo sambil2 tgk bola Chelsea vs MU.

And I knew it's going to rain tremendously!

Memang semalam lebat gila ujan sini, best tido! Tapi teman je takde...;-(

And today, it's MONDAY. I wasn't really looking forward for today as I know that it'll be hectic. But Alhamdulillah, it passed by smoothly eventhough pagi tuh aku macam tak bercakap sangat ngan my staff. Siap one of my staff tegur aku apsal aku tak tegur dia tadi...hehehe

P/S: Sabar je laa...


adie-ishmael said...

tak cakap pun nama2 kuih tu...tu kek lapis ker kuih lapis ker atau agar2(beleda) lapis?

DarcyDiaries said...

bukan beleda bang...
Itu kek lapis sarawak, best! ;-)