Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ramadhan in KL

Dear Beautiful readers,

I'm currently in KL, ada hal keje skit.

Went out with ER for iftar yesterday kat Pavi. As usual, whenever I am with him, definitely there must be something to talk about. Hahah! (Berangan kan i,ER?). Went to Madam Kwan's @ Pavi with ER for iftar.

NASI BOJARI (sedap!)

ABC (typical...but not too bad!) FRIED SQUID PLATTER (nyum2...) Habis Nasi Bojari aku...(nampak sangat pelahap!)
Anyway, Alhamdulillah, my assessment went quite well today (that's what I personally thought!, but the feedback will only come back tomorrow!). We'll see how it goes ya?

I dropped by Toys R Us on my way back to the hotel. Bought the "pending birthday presents" for the three nieces. Dah lama dah depa mintak, aku yang tak sempat2...;-)

I'm leaving for my hometown tomorrow for ramadhan session with the family members.
Now it's getting more expensive to have iftar in KL (i'm not that keen of makan banyak I guess, it's not really worth it)

Can't be long. Nak pi bukak puasa ngan Addy.

C ya later!

P/S: Sorry that I can't transfer the pics now, something wrong with the cables ;-(


addyaholix said...

i luv dat burger !

adie-ishmael said...

selamat berbuka puasa dengan keluarga kat ur hometown tu...

kak ja said...

Kja pun kalau berbuka x reti nak mkn bnyk n mcm2.. Dah fobia, penah sekali try masa ikut hubby ke KL dlm bulan poser tu.. Sampai2 je hotel, jatuh tergolek dpn pintu bilik... Bukannya mkn bnyk sgt, cuma campur mcm2 benda.. Perut meragam tahap gaban..