Thursday, September 4, 2008

4th Ramadhan

Dear Beautiful readers,

Didn't manage to go for terawih as I went out to the city for a "buka puasa" and iftar with our potential event management contractor. I hope that they will give a "bang" on this coming event. Thanks to Abg Lan & Wati, they are such cool people!
Anyway, we had the bukak puasa in one of the hotels here. Being me, tak makan banyak..i don't think it's worth it...I mean, all this ramadhan buffet and what not, tapi orang dah belanja and I am just being courteous and professional. And yes, we did have a good bloody time!

On my way back, I think me, SF, Zura, Shid & E did talk about funny things - especially those in our workplace. It's kind of funny when we grouped people as in who are the jocks, goth, teachers' pet etc. We were laughing out loud and yes, if let's say you guys consider this as some kind of "mengumpat", you are wrong...;-)

Well..another busy day at work tomorrow. Hopefully, I can settle a few things easily.

P/S; Can't wait for the weekends!

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