Saturday, February 14, 2009

Once Upon a Time on Thursday Morning..Part 3

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I met the lady who knocked down my car. Well...her car's condition (the front side) was far worse than mine.

Cut it short, we haven't decided how much that she has to pay me. Her Indonesian husband used to work in the same company as mine, but now move to another company. They hail from Jakarta and have been staying in KL for the past three years.

I'll get the quotation from nearby workshop and will charge her back later.

Right after the meeting, I headed to the office. There were few things to be finalised before Monday.
After couple of hours, I left for home.

Another different kind of spending the day while those lovey-dovey couples are outside spending time and clutching their hands together...hahaha!!

P/S: I jump, u jump!

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