Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not so Adventerous / Interesting weekend!

Dear Beautiful readers,
Quiet eh?'s my fault. Blame the workload...or me being lazy to update as definitely I have no time during the weekdays (reached home almost 9.30 onwards during weekdays from work!).

Weekends? Hehehe...well, nothing interesting. But managed to grab a number of DVDs from the shop the Ain recommended which is nearby to my house. COuldn't be bothered to drive to Bukit Bintang to find DVDs.

Ended up buying 13 DVDs and I'm loving it..

And what do you expect? Of course I was spending my weekends watching DVD! Sad huh?

1) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Done
2) Dorothy Mills - Half way
3) How to LOse Friends & Alienate People - Done
4) The Women - Done
5) Rachel Getting Married - Half Way
And the list goes on...including Defiance. Australia, Friday the 13th...

Unfortunately, I couldn't find MILK and The Reader from the shop. Nevermind...another trip then!

On my way back, I managed to snap a few pics of my beloved house. InsyaAllah, it'll be completed by end of this year, the latest...


addyaholix said...

benjamin button best?

DarcyDiaries said...

Benji Button? Ok laa...but I think it's quite long...:-)

zaineesqandar said...

i prefer benjamin bottom..hak hak hak..