Thursday, February 12, 2009

Once Upon a Time on Thursday Morning..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Once upon a time, on another busy Thursday morning, there was a guy who always leave home at 7.10 a.m for work.

But this morning, it's slightly different..

While waiting for the red light to turn to green and sitting in a car calmly, suddenly...


CDs accidentally thrown all over at the front seat and of course, the driver was bloody shocked!! His car was knocked from behind by a lady who's driving a Black MyVi..

And the guy went to the lady..

Lady: Sorry pak...saya tidak sengaja (muka nak nangis...)

As a nice guy, the guy simply said...
Guy: Takpe..skit je. Errm..
Lady: Kita diskus di tepi sana boleh..
Guy: Can I have your number? We'll settle later...i am late for work. Besides, there's no proper place for us to stop(the cars are heading to AKLEH)
Lady: (saying out loud her number)
Guy: (keep repeating the number...tak sempat ambik kertas, blur kut? Thank God that the guy has strong memory)

And there goes....

What the guy can see from behind looked like the lampu depan of that lady's car were slightly misaligned. It did look like the front lamp of Herbie's (you know Herbie?)

At work...

The guy tried to call the lady but to no avail, there were no answers.
He also did send text messages. Again, no replies.

Probably he's been cheated. :-( Or probably the lady was so traumatised that she couldn't reply back and wanted to get rid of the problem for a while.

A friend of the guy, RM, keep emphasising that it's better to make a police report. The guy wasn't sure whether it's necessary to make a police report as there weren't not much dent on the car..

Was the guy being too nice or stupid?

Let's the readers decide...


addyaholix said...

susahkan terlalu baik dan percayakan orang?
last-last kebaikan kita disalah gunakan.

DarcyDiaries said...

heheh....baca the next part, then u,ll know!!