Sunday, February 15, 2009

He's Just not That into You!

Dear Beautiful readers,
I can't wait to see this new movie!

The plot chronicles the romantic misadventures of nine individuals in their twenties and thirties. Set in Baltimore, the common thread of the story is that one person in each relationship is more enamored with the other person and vice versa. At the core of these multiple stories is Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), a young woman who repeatedly misinterprets the signs that men give her about their level of interest in her. After a rejection from Conor (Kevin Connolly), Gigi begins getting dating advice from the romanctically and sexually promiscuous Alex (Justin Long), the manager of a bar and a friend of Conor's.
Gigi's sister Janine (Jennifer Connelly) is having difficulties in her marriage. Her husband, Ben (Bradley Cooper), begins cheating on her with Anna (Scarlett Johansson), a yoga instructor and aspiring singer. Anna, in turn, is dating Conor, but isn't as interested in him as he is in her. Anna receives romantic advice from Mary (Drew Barrymore), a newspaper editor who also helps Conor promote his real-estate business. Gigi's co-worker, Beth (Jennifer Aniston), is living with her boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck), who also happens to be friends with Ben, and who she has been dating for seven years. Beth is upset that Neil refuses to marry her which prompts a breakup. - Source: Wikipedia
P/S: He's just not That Into You!


addyaholix said...

saya dah banyak ketinggalan menonton filem-filem bagus.

slumdog millionaire
benjamin button

jom tengok GENG!

zaineesqandar said...

I d like to recommend
Changeling. Starred by Mrs Pitt. Jolie played as a woman looking for her missing 9-year-old son. She refuses to give up, even when police try to discredit her and question her sanity. Clint Eastwood masterfully directs a chilling, epic tale, full of righteous indignation at police abuse. Based on a shocking true story in 1928 Los Angeles..

and do not forget geng upin ipin.. that little twin fellas were cute and funny!!

Anonymous said...

td sy hantar msg x jawab huhuhu...
sekarang ni duk kat k.l ni hajat nak lah ajak dinner .
nak wat mcm mana x rezeki kot nak jupe...

DarcyDiaries said...

Hi guys...

Addy - Slumdog:, dah!!
Milk: Of course nak tgk, definitely kat Msia tak lepas...will be looking for the DVD
Benjamin Button: Movie Outing this weekend maybe?

Zaineesqandar: A friend of mine did recommend Changeling, but haven't had the opportunity to watch it. Some says it's not that good...but well, I'll decide. Heheh!

ANony: Lambat sgt u sms...I replied u tak balas :)