Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Nights, Tough Weeks (too!)

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's been quite a stressful and tough weeks for me. Late nights at work and even last nite, I reached home around 1 a.m. (we were still in the meeting room at 12 midnight but my big boss told us before we turns into pumpkin (or rats!), it's better for us to go back and come again to the office on Sunday noon.

She's the boss...we couldn't say much.

But anyway, I am not complaining, as I am used to all these late nights (based on previous jobs/working experiences, far worse than this!).

On my way back, I was kinda hungry. Felt like eating something, but didn't want to stop at any mamaks whatsoever, so I decided to get McD via the drive thru or the nearby counter.

Suddenly i realised that I only have RM 8 in my wallet! Damn! (cukup ke?) Not for the full McValue. So I was counting..

Went to the nearest petrol station to withdraw some money from the ATM (and it's OUT OF SERVICE!) Gila..
Well..i went back to my car, checked whether I have enough coins to ensure that I can get the entire meal..
And luckily, i managed to grab some coins (added up to another RM 3!)

And when I was at the counter..

Counter boy: Hi
Me: Errm...just fillet of fish and nuggets 6 pcs.
Counter boy: OK bang..

Thank God thet total made up to RM 10.60. Phewwwwwwwwwww!!

On the other hand,there were a group of cute/handsome guys behind me, two of them were queueing on behalf of their friends. Probably they just came back from futsal session (based on their attire). While queueing, one of them was so closed to me, I can almost feel his crotch (or probably his thigh) at my back. Hahahah...'s just another late night encounter (and nice dream..)

P/S:Keep up the good work!


adie-ishmael said...

kenapa tak minat dengan mamaks fud stall?

DarcyDiaries said...

Bukan tak minat bang...takde kawan nak gi makan..

P/S; Segan nak makan sorang kalau kat mamak ;-(

Anonymous said...

mc.d mane tuh? nak pegi gak..hehe
yeah..i know what a terrible job u were in previously, and i hate it! hehe..u know who i am..hik