Friday, February 13, 2009

Once Upon a Time on Thursday Morning..Part 2

Dear Beautiful readers,

Funny eh? If u refer back to my previous entry, actually i think u can see that I was quite pissed off eventually.
But come to think of it, I think in a way it's my fault!

Remember that I did ask for the lady's phone number? Well...i was actually thinking that out loud and was trying to "memorize" the number without really writing down the number..

Heheh...i got the wrong number though.But i managed to make a wild guess (by switching the middle number) and guess what, i got the right number! I called the old number and here it goes..

Me: Boleh cakap dgn Mdm X?
The Other Party: I think you got a wrong number lah bang (it's a guy)..
Me: Oh....sorry then.

And after the wild guess, i sent the sms to the recipient. A few hours later while I was getting ready for bed...I got the sms from Mdm X. She was actually waiting for my call right after the incident!!

And well...after exchanging notes, we're going to meet each other tomorrow. Mdm X actually a housewife and an expat wife who at the time of incident, she was just on the way back after sending her kids to the international school!

I'll be meeting her tomorrow. And she's actually very sorry on that incident. I wasn't mad at her actually...and of course, i m the type who really doesn't want to make any unwanted scene! ;-)

P/S: Hard day at work + family matters as well. But finally it's manageable!

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Anonymous said...

good luck for tomorrow..!