Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quality! Quality! Quality!

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Sometimes I wonder, how to get a quality outing / day out. It's easy actually.
If you are alone, you have to do something that you like most.
If you are with your company / friends, get the quality ones.

Easy huh?
That's why I do appreciate my quality time with quality friends. Quality company.

But it might be easier said that done huh?

Anyway, me, Fakh and another new ID friend of mine (i guess!) met at San Francisco Coffee @ Ampang Point to discuss on the ID of my new house (InsyaAllah). It was quite fruitful, and I think I can trust this ID guy.
And hope that it can turn out to be superb. Can't wait for it to be materialised, amin!

And yes, another topic of discussion - Relationship. I don't know... For me, I think whatever that we've discussed during our so called brunch was totally relevant and informative indeed. I do have my share, and yes, both of them are more experienced and it's very stimulating indeed.

Feel like being in one of the SATC scenes (haha...bukan berangan, but it's the reality!) Had lunch @ Tarbush, and yes, i did enjoy their company..

Thank God and I really really appreciate that.

P/S: Tetiba aku teringat kat dia.But must goes on!


a-noni-mus said... must goes on!
kumbang bukan sekor.

hati bernanah said...

look for your new house. :)
modern style?

p.s: ya. life must goes on bro.

Reez said...

ermm... i think u have to visit Tajin... i guess beside the tarbush... god, teringat nasi minyak dia orang...

DarcyDiaries said...

a-noni: Kumbang camana eh? Ladybird? beetle? Errmm..kumbang raksaksa? :-)

HB:Yeah...minimalist concept kut. InsyaAllah!

Reez: I don't Tajin still exist in Ampang Point, no more no more!

hati bernanah said...

minimalist. simple but practical. best nya! nanti dah siap, aku nak g umah ko tau.

DarcyDiaries said...

HB: Nak gi umah saya? heheh...ok je..

hati bernanah said...

tapi ko buat la kenduri kesyukuran sempena rumah baru tu. baru syiok skit pergi. ko ajak membe-membe jantan yg hot. bole aku cuci mata. hahaha.

DarcyDiaries said...


As if i have many friends! Better to have less friends but good friends than many friends but so-so!

hati bernanah said...

i mean invite as many as you got.
(ofcourse the good one)
no hadek-hadek ok. lol.