Sunday, November 15, 2009

My weekend

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Yes, it's been a while. Thanks to my tight schedule (and also to the fatigue and my laziness!)
For the past few days in the week, there were nothing much other then running here and there at work and also being scolded "sarcastically" by my boss. And yes, it was quite a challenge!

In return, I told myself that this time, it's the pampering time. Haven't done this for quite a while. I was supposed to go for a movie with Fen on Friday nite to watch 2012 but I didn't manage to get the tickets for us (and the queue was long and I was also didn't manage to buy it via online)

On Saturday morning, I met Zain PP for breakfast as he wanted to get the camera that he wanted to borrow and bring along to Langkawi (a trip with the other half, lucky!). We went to the nearby new mamak place, it's kinda cosy (probably because it's new?)

Pics, from top to bottom: Teh Tarik and my usual Saturday newspaper, Pena's Ice Lemon Tea (Pagi2 minum ais ke? Hehehe), My Roti Canai Telur

And later, I text-ed Fakh and asked whether he got any plan(s) for today. Cut it short, we planned to go for a movie (and of course, the ever popular movie this month, 2012). Although we planned to watch it later that night, I went to the nearby cinema (and yes, the queue was bloody bloody long and thank God I managed to get the tickets without having to gamble and queue again before the showing time!)

I shot to Pavillion a while later to kill the time, and as expected, I splurged myself with my wish list, as always (shown in the pics below):

a) Christmas @ Pavillion
b) GAP stuff (with the free vouchers..)
c) Shoes, of course :-)
d) Peaceful lunch @ DOME

And today's (at this point of writing), I just had my breakfast at the same mamak where i had it yesterday with Zain PP. Another lazy Sunday I guess...

And that's all folks. What should I do today eh?

P/S : I missed the old days...

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