Friday, November 27, 2009

The Morning of Eidul-Adha @ Home

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I haven't had much idea on what to talk about today. It's the morning of the eid, and things were normal.

Just a few updates:
a) Met Faiz for drinks @ nearby kopitiam near my house last night. He's cuter than before (probably with because of the kopiah i guess? hehehehe)
b) Safely arrived at home yesterday noon. Yeah, it happened to me again. The hospitality services here are slow (my true experience, before and yesterday when queueing for food at one of the fastfood outlets! Adus...bila nak improve!)
c) Received good news from my agent during my afternoon siesta at home! (yeah...i am dreaming do this and that!)
d) Good weather in KB (i feel blessed...) Alhamdulillah

P/S: So far so good, unfortunately I forgot to bring my mobile cable, so I couldn't really transfer any interesting piccies that I have snapped! Sabar ya.. As a result, no pics in postings made while I am in KB *sad*


hati bernanah said...

sape yg cute tu?
ehem-ehem ek?

DarcyDiaries said...

Hb: no no no! That person is not into me!

ahmad said...

hi friends, suka baca blog kamu.. dapat link dr from my eyes..lama dah x bukak blog kawan2 ni.slm berkenalan