Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Short updates! (Part 2)

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's my 7th day in KL. In a way, I am loving it.

But i wish that I am staying at my own place, only that I can't do that at this point of time due to some pending matters.

I'll settle that a.s.a.p...probably in a week time.

Work? so far so good...

Till then, later dude!


Anonymous said...

Hye.. Which location kat kl is the best utk shopping+holiday? Saye tak penah g kl.. Im planning nak pg kl with my niece nanti. Ur help is very much appreciated.. -ladybrunei.

DarcyDiaries said...

Well...nowadays KL is so much more happening. Lots of shopping complexes and starting 1 Dec there will be a "saving sale" throughout the country.

Have fun!