Monday, November 17, 2008

Kerja gila!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Last night, on my way back to More's place, we stopped at Fella Ampang as he wanted to check out some good bargains. I just followed him and didn't really intend to buy stuff from that shop.

But guess what? Me being me...ended up buying a 2 seater sofa and two kids' chairs. Crazy eh? But the bargains were totally unbelievable!! ;-) They will send the goods to my place once I reconfirmed with my movers.

Almost 70% discount!

I text-ed Adi later that night and he was still in Singapore. On the way back to KL.

I am done with packing and leaving for my ex-place (not "ex" place, but my place prior moving to KL).
Lots of other packing to be done back there.

By the way, now I am sort of "in line" with my new nature of work. Hope everything will be better.

P/S: Dah lama dah aku tak taruk gambar..


Anonymous said...

Kerja gila.. I agree.. That really sound like me. Eventhough the initial intention is to 'only' accompany a fren shopping.. But in the end,looks who really has done the shopping.. ;p Hehe.. My mum called that a "singleton syndrome". Jst like binge snacking.. PrincessQaseh.

addyaholix said...

two kids chairs untuk apa? haha!

note : i dah balik pon =)

DarcyDiaries said...


Anonymous : Singleton sydnrome? I do agree!! Totally...

And yes, normally the one who initially accompany the other will end up shopping ;-)

Addy: Encik, just nanti figure out ye that two kids' chair ;-)

addyaholix said...

ha ha ha!