Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am back!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Surprise eh? I am so sorry for the long silence.
Blame the TM! Hahaha...I don't when I'll be able to connect to the Net via the streamyx.

And thanks to the wireless broadband (even though it's still slow, but better than nothing!)

Cut it short, let me give some updates!

1) It's been a while, and it's almost a month in KL and I have stayed in this convenient rented place for almost 2 weeks. I like it and so far so good. (Although I guess my downstair neighbour had purposely knocked on my front door and claiming this and that - "paip bocor laa, blah blah blah....") --> which is not my fault!

2) Work's fine. I'm catching up eventhough sometimes I think I really have to "play the game" well. Switch to your survival mode, honey!

3) Love life? Hahaha...still sucks! Don't happy! I have got nothing to lose anyway. Good things come for those who wait. And it's proven. But...I thought I'll be having good, fun Saturday nite, but again...I ended up sitting in front of TV, flipping thru' the satellite channels. Phew...

4) AH was thinking of sending me his gym membership. I am not so sure whether I'm going to take that up. But it's tempting...

5) Adre came and paid me a visit and boasting on all his adik angkats...hahaha, whatever. I'm not losing anyway...young chaps normally are hot blooded species! (Aku nih dah tua ke? Blum lagi kan....hikhikhik)

I guess that's all for now. Time to create more friends and acquaintances.

C ya!

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