Thursday, November 20, 2008

Auld Lang Syne...Farewell!

Dear Beautiful readers (including the comel ones! )

Yesterday was can i put this? It's a mixed's a fun yet sad day. I am leaving my place of work and transfer back to KL.

They (my friends and colleagues) arranged two sets of farewell parties for me yesterday (both formal and informal, the formal one where it's a "joint- celebration, with one of our big bosses who is also leaving for KL).

It's a blessing in disguise. After few years of a mere patience, I am finally moving back to KL.

Now i am at home, busy doing the cleaning up and packing, all by myself.
The movers are coming tomorrow, hope everything will be absolutely fine.
P/S: The pics are purposely made blurry. Saja gatai! ;-) To all beloved friends and colleagues, thank you very very much!


adie-ishmael said...

selamat tinggal sp...selamat datang kl...semoga berjaya dalam hidup...hasanah fiddunya dan hasanah filakhirah!!!!

addyaholix said...

bestkan ada kawan-kawan celebrate macam tu haha!

Anonymous said...

In my case, i felt sad and @#?!! whn i hv to leave snowy baltimore and move to hot and polluted bangkok!! Cn u imagine the difficulty i hv to adjust!? Im living in nightmare n denial for 8 whole months im there! Phew, finally everything done and im happily back home in brunei.. Nothing compare d happiness living with beloved family. Hehe i jst gt carried away.. Btw, im wishing u all d happiness n goodluck with ur new place.. Hehe.. PrincessQaseh.