Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome on Board!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I wasn't in the office yesterday.
I was in KL (i didn't bring my laptop and so there's no blog posting)

My future boss (in the same Company but different division) wanted to meet me to discuss on my transfer matter. Yeah, she keep repeating that it is CONFIRMED that I am moving back to KL. Probably much sooner than i thought. November? Welcome on Board!

Errm...should i feel a bit relief on this issue? Errmm...I guess, I just wait and see, and of course, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Overall, everything went smoothly.

Met Kos for lunch (we had lunch at 4 p.m. and I was waiting for him at KL Sentral since 2 p.m!) We did discuss some of the "financial matters" and I guess I can rely on Kos to handle the "portfolios". Everything should be allright. At the same time, Kos brought me the fruit bon-bons bought in Harrods last time (I was supposed to collect it earlier but since we hadn't had much time to meet).

Oh, by the way, while waiting for Kos, there was a handicapped person in a wheelchair selling souvenirs. Errmm...initially i thought of not to buy the keychain but then well...i think there's no harm of doing good deed (of course we have to "bersangka baik" and don't pre-judge people). Who knows there will a good karma for me?


P/S: By the way, on Thursday we had makan2 raya at are some of the snapshots!


addyaholix said...

Baru masuk keja hari ni.

Terlepas makan-makan kat ofis khamis lepas ~

DarcyDiaries said...

Hehehe...nanti laa kita makan2.
Kat KL banyak lagik open house kan? Bukan mcm kat sini...