Friday, October 24, 2008

Short updates!

Dear Beautiful readers,

I know! I know! Some of you might wondering what has happened to me, rite? (or some might not even care or couldn't be bothered..)

Probably I am currently suffering from the writer's block?
Probably I am just plain lazy (or busy!)

Here are some short updates:
1) Demam: Still batuk2 & mere flu..My "voice" getting better!
2) Will not be at home during this long Deepa weekend (jeng...jeng..jeng! <-- wait for the next entry ya?)
3) Actually today aku cuti, purposely ambil annual leave and going for a car service shortly.

That's all folks...we'll keep in touch definitely

1 comment:

addyaholix said...

Masih batuk tak berhenti.
Dah berpuluh biji ubat yang aku telan.
Batuk tak jugak surut.
Mungkin sebab dosa-dosa yang aku tanggung !

Haha !