Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to Basic

Dear Beautiful Readers,

First day at work after cuti raya.

There's a new cute chic at work, originally from the same state as me i.e. my hometown.

I can't say that I was not in good mood to do my work, but the speed was not as I have expected earlier. Lots of things to do and have to rush here and there.

Left office quite early as I have to meet Abg Lan & Wati at one of the golf course nearby my place. We had the steamboat (it sucks anyway, but makan je laa...) and arrived home almost 9.

Esok aku rasa nak buat entry pasal mandi bunga (aku rasa cam kena curse recently...apsal eh?)

Mandi Bunga: Floral bath ritual, is very simple. The unwed woman / man purchases several types of fragrant flowers, coconut leaves, betel leaves, betel nuts, limau purut and okar sintok. The purchases are presented to the bomoh, Malay medicine man. He says an incantation over the ingredients. The ingredients are placed in a vessel of water. The bomoh scatters grains of uncooked rice around the maiden.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, Just dropping by to wish u a very happy eid.. Nice blog.. Keep posting and i'l keep reading :-) -ladybrunei

addyaholix said...

Teringin mandi bunga. Mesti segar !

Kawan pernah mandi susu !

adie-ishmael said...

fhhmm...i juga yg selalu mandi peluh...buruh kasar la katakan...hehehe!

DarcyDiaries said...

Ladybrunei = Thanks a lot k? Keep on reading!

Addyholix = Kena carik telaga...

Adie = Awak mandi peluh pasal selalu pakai jubah kut, opps!