Sunday, March 29, 2009

DVDs lagik..

Dear Beautiful readers,
Korang tahu kan...kalau weeekends, if I am at of my "major activities" is watching DVDs.

And semalam...aku dah angkut beberapa DVD baru.
And yes! Finally i managed to grab The Reader!

1) The Reader

Banyak sangat "projek" (i like!)...tapi a good storyline. Another Jewish propaganda?

2) Bride Wars.

Lite2 movie..tak pening tgk citer nih. The importance of friendship

3) Marley & Me

I haven't watched this. Heard that the review is good..
Yang lain? hmm..banyak lagik aku tak tgk!

Another one - RocknRolla! Very cool, smooth movie...;-)