Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Updates

Dear Beautiful readers,

Aku tahu, dah lama aku tak update.

Even semalam one of my acquaintances tanya "Any updates in the diary?"
Aku cakap.."Takde yang interesting...buat apa update!"

Tadi..pagi2 lagi my colleague sms, asking about whether I have done that appraisal thingy.
Aku memang tak buat lagi.

And because of that...i left for office this morning, completed everything and left home at lunch time.


1) Aku managed to get the Butterscotch bread by Gardenia (Matt Bentayan & Nini dah banyak kali recommend kat aku)

2) Cookies (nih Ain yang recommend...memang sedap!)

3) The "bibles" - memang takleh miss on monthly basis..

P/S: Semalam aku tak "tutup lampu" sangat.. have done a lot of savings on daily basis. no need to wait on 28th March :-)

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