Thursday, December 30, 2010

Di Ambang 2010

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Hi! it's me again, yes, Me!
What? tak ingat? hmm... sorry for the long silence. Blame the work. Blame the wrong timing.
Blame me! :-)

Whatever it is, pejam celik pejam celik, it's almost the end of 2011. And yes, I think I should take this opportunity to write down what has happened during the 366 days of the year (was 2010, a leap year?)

Hmm...cut it short, let me summarise the happenings, as per the following headings:

a) Work / Career
it was quite a tough time, and yes, my position has been confirmed. This means that I was no longer doing the "charity work" i.e. i have been compensated accordingly based on my position. I have been for the confirmation for almost a year and half but due to some paperworks etc, it was prolonged to some date (and yes, with beautiful increment too!) Yeah, people think that we are still underpaid, but I am not complaining but in fact, i think this is just fate, and more will be coming, InsyaAllah.

Work wise? Hmm...a very challenging year instead (although I think 2o11 will be much more challenging but I have tasted the challenges earlier - the restructuring, the ad hoc activities, the reshuffling of activities, u name's all there, in the pocket of the boss(es). But i won't blame anybody, as there's always light at the end of the tunnel (or is it the train that turning back using the tunnel since it was in the wrong direction, scary!)

I have tasted the late nights at work, working during weekends consecutively (no rest, kinda...sad eh?)

Conclusion: Bigger role, bigger responsibilities!

b) Love department.
Hmm...tough one. I don't what to be elaborated here. But I did have my fair share in this department. Although it's not really love per se, but i do feel good (i.e. the good feelings, in my own world. Org melayu kata "berangan") I thought I had that cinta Ramadhan again. (cinta bulan ramadhan, but sangkaan ku meleset..maybe aku lambat bertindak, chett!)

And well..yes, i did also had a fair share of bad experience. Another threat(s) from immature "kiddo", who didn't really know the real story and also some people that cannot be trusted? why? this life, i better watchout. But i am still hoping that love will be waiting for me in 2011. InsyaAllah..

c) Money, Money, Money!
Hmm...tough one. Sekejap ada, sekejap takde. Probably I am still bad at managing my finances.
Simpan2, kejap2 gali balik...kejap2 kambus balik..Hmm, macam2.
I did also spend on some unnecessary "things"...but well, the damages have been done :-)
Shoes? yes, i did spend on some...couldn't resist...
Plan for 2011? Have to be more discipline! (Note: Aku takde laa sampai tahap perangan cam Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood of Confession of A Shopaholic...! he he he!)

d) Travel?
Hmm...went to Singapore for the mid year sale (heaven!) and also to Bali in early December (it's a deja vu, i went to Bali on the exact same date that I was supposed to go in the year 2009, but got cancelled of last minute due to some urgent work commitment. Sorry Sid! ;) I went with your bini instead...;)
I was also supposed to leave for London during the xmas week, but i called off the plan earlier due to some last minute "mismanagement of finance". And there's a blessing, the weather is bloody terrible (until now...)

Overall, 2010 is a colourful year indeed (every year has its own colour palette). It's actually up to us to colour it.

I am praying to the Almighty to give me enough strengths to face the challenges (and "threats") in the year 2011, insyaAllah...

Take care everyone!

P/S: Duk kumpul list of New Year Resolutions. Hmm..tapi tak keep track pun. One of them will always be "nak maintain cantik"!


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Happy New Year!!

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