Monday, December 8, 2008

Raya Haji, Hujan & Nasi Lemak

Dear Beautiful readers,

Last night, when I was doing some groceries shopping at Giant supermarket, I got text messages from Isk, another good friend of mine.

Isk: Mai beraya umah kami k?

I was touched. Ingatkan esok (i.e. Monday: Raya Haji), I'll be alone at home celebrating this Eid. I know..i know, it's not a big deal but then it's better than nothing.

Me: Thanks a lot. I kat Giant nih, buying some foodstuff. Nak buat nasik lemak. I masak umah you boleh?

Isk: Boleh, dialu2kan!

I left for their home almost 10ish. It's not that far anyway.

Raya Morning
We went to the nearby mosque, we almost "missed" the prayers. It was drizzling, but yet it didn't hinder the spirit of the community in that area to go and do their responsibility.

But the funny thing was...right after the prayer itself, there were a few group of people who walked out of the mosque. Erm...didn't they know that the "process" it's not yet completed until the khatib finishes his khutbah? Well...I thought they know, but well..

I'm not perfect either but it shows that some people are still in their ignorant mode, or couldn't care less maybe? Let's pray then!

But anyway, right after that, I went back to their home and we continued our cooking.

It's simple, but yet delicious - Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, anchovies, sambal udang and of course, with the eggs and cucumber. ;-) NYUM2!!


Pak Uda said...

Pandai masak, pandai tulis blog, baik hati, pandai agama... hai untungnya siapa dapat dia ni..

DarcyDiaries said...

wahai pak uda,

Tuh yg pak uda cakap...tapi..

adie-ishmael said...

kesal sangat dengan orang2 yg keluar masjid tanpa mendengar khutbah...